How to Overcome Mobile Phone Addiction in 5 Steps!

how to overcome mobile phone addiction

Overcome Mobile Phone Addiction by simply following these 5 smart techniques.

“Your Smartphone has already replaced your camera, your calendar, your clock; Don’t let it replace your family”

Overcome Mobile Phone Addiction. But Why?

The excessive use of smart devices, especially the cell phones have become common, and almost all of us are addicted to using phone 24/7 a day. According to the latest research, nearly 79% of us have the habit of checking social media or other apps before going to sleep or within 15 minutes, which may lead you towards some relationship issues or insomnia. This is an alarming situation, and we must avoid such an over-use of smartphones.

Well, I don’t mean that you should drop out your phone in water to get rid of it completely, but of course, you should learn to take control over this habit so that your phone cannot ruin your 2021 like corona 😉

Let’s learn how you can control the habit of excessive usage of the phone to make this year more meaningful and productive!

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Delete Extra Apps

#Step 1 to Overcome Smartphone Addiction:-

Social media has expanded so much, and every day we are encountering new apps. These apps attract the users’ attention more and more with the new and advanced features, and eventually, people become so much indulged in their smartphones. You do not need to kill time while using these apps all the time.

All you need to do is to decide and delete the unnecessary or useless apps so that you can save your precious time and spend it with your relationships around.

Turn off Notification

#Step 2 to Overcome Smartphone Addiction:-

Another best way to avoid the excessive use of the phone is to turn off the extra or unnecessary notifications and alerts. It seems so bad while sitting with family or in a group of people, and your phone’s notification grabs your attention time and again.

Your engagement with the people around you is more important than the smart phone’s extra alerts, and you should drop this addiction as soon as possible by going into your phone’s setting and turning off the notifications for the apps which are not important. This act will give you the freedom to concentrate on your work and relations more. #Overcome Smartphone Addiction!

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Connect Physically and Mentally

#Step 3 to Overcome Smartphone Addiction:-

“We are living an era where capturing moments using our phones is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us.”

This is a bitter reality of our age where we have to forget to connect and communicate with people properly as smartphones have taken so much place in our lives. There is no sense of being connected in the myriad of smart devices instead of in the real world.

It would be best if you avoid this habit by communicating and enjoying with people in reality and by making physical and mental connections. This will strengthen your relationships more while saves your 2020 to be ruined by your smartphone.

Keep your phone away at night

#Step 4 to Overcome Smartphone Addiction:-

Most of us have become insomniac because of the excessive use of cell phones, especially at night time. This is a habit that every one of us needs to change in 2020 to make our relationships and health better.

Turning your phone off is a good idea while sleeping, and if you do not want to do this, keep it away, at least from you. It will make a huge difference to keep your smartphone away from your sight, your mind, and even out of your reach.

Spend a screen-free day in a week

#Step 5 to Overcome Smartphone Addiction:-

It is healthy to spend a day while completely forget about your phone. This is something not possible for everyone, but at least we should try. Spending an off-screen day after some time will give you a break and a chance to spend quality time with yourself or with your loved ones.  

Do something productive or pleasing such as gardening, reading, or anything else, and separate yourself with the over-addiction of the phone to get real peace of mind.


Implement these tricks, and Overcome Mobile Phone Addiction. Make time for your friends and family by making the communication strong with them instead of surfing apps or the internet on the phone all the time!

Follow these 5 Step Action for the next 21 days (without breaking consistency) and you’ll make it a habit. Keeping up with this habit will improve your patience, mind control and save you a lot of time to spend in productive work, leading to overall development. Best of Luck and as always.

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